FW Lettings Ltd – Our COVID 19 Update

FW Lettings Ltd – Our COVID-19 Update October 2021

Office Information

All our departments are open for business, however staff can work remotely and are not always physically in the office. If you wish to see a member of staff face to face you should call or email to arrange an appointment.

We can be contacted on: 

Lettings@jwlettings.co.uk                      020 8950 2551  option 1     

Propertymanagement@jwlettings.co.uk     020 8950 2551  option 2

Blockmanagement@jwlettings.co.uk         020 8950 2551  option 3


Information for Tenants, Landlords and Leaseholders

If you are in a Let Only or Rent Collection property and experience any maintenance issues, please contact your landlord directly, as you would have done previously.

If you are in a Managed Property, please contact our Property Management team to report any maintenance issues. You can email details and photos of the problem directly to us.

If you are in a Block Managed Property, please contact our Block Management team to report any communal maintenance issues. You can email details and photos of the problem directly to us.

Where access is required to your home by us or our contractors we will minimise the risks by taking any health & safety precautions we feel necessary to minimise the risk of transferring the virus. We ask you make us aware if you are self-isolating, have been in contact with an infected person and/or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, as this may affect our ability to access your home.


If you normally pay rent, service charges, invoices etc by Cheque or Debit Card we are now asking you where possible to do so by Bank Transfer.  Please email us if you require our Bank details. We thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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